3 Pink Forever Roses in White Heart Box - VLove
3 Pink Forever Roses in White Heart Box - VLove
3 Pink Forever Roses in White Heart Box - VLove
3 Pink Forever Roses in White Heart Box - VLove
3 Pink Forever Roses in White Heart Box - VLove
3 Pink Forever Roses in White Heart Box - VLove
3 Pink Forever Roses in White Heart Box - VLove

White Heart | 3 Pink

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  • Real Roses
  • Last 1+ Year
  • Rose Aroma

Elevate your moments with 3 pink forever roses in a sweet white heart-shaped box. A trio of everlasting charm, perfect for sharing affection.


Selected for their high quality, our roses, 2-2.5 inches wide, offer a delightful fragrance that enriches your space for months, providing an exceptional experience.

Each of our rose boxes arrives gift-ready, elegantly tied with a satin ribbon and an elegant greeting card.

12 Roses: 8.3 x 7.5 x 7.5 in

5 Roses: 6.3 x 5.9 x 5.9 in

4 Roses: 5.2 x 4.0 x 4.0 in

3 Roses: 4.3 x 4.3 x 4.1 in

Our forever roses are real flowers that have undergone an innovative preservation process. This process allows them to maintain their natural beauty and vibrant colors for 3 years. With proper care you can even extend their lifespan further, ensuring you can enjoy their everlasting charm for years to come.

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Customer Reviews

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Janel Reliford
This was really special

I gave this to my mom as a belated birthday gift, because my mom wants for nothing, so gifting her in a thoughtful way takes a lot. She's a grateful person, so anything you get her she's happy for, but she doesn't need anything. So I was trying to think of something special to get her. And when this became available, it was sort of this unspoken inside joke amongst the women in my family. None of us like cut flowers because of how quickly they expire. This changes everything, in the packaging, these roses promise up to 3 years. Real cut roses that last 3 years. This was so sentimental for me to give to my mom because she has three girls, now women. So the three roses represent each of us. When I gave these to my mom, I told her that I didn't get her anything on her actual birthday, because I hadn't come across anything special enough. And you know what she said, she said this was very special and worth waiting two months for. Because her birthday is in September LOL. I'm so glad, I got exposed to this item.I was expecting it to be waxy or something dry. But no they felt and smelled like regular beautiful cut roses, with no sign of any chemical tampering to make them last longer. Makes it even more special. It comes with care instructions, but they're pretty simple instructions. This was a blessing LOL

Kaycee Haug
So beautiful and smell amazing

Color and fragrance is spot on. Looks and smells very good.Idk if they will really last > 3 years.” But they seem to be holding up well.

FINALLY a great dupe!

These flowers actually smell like flowers! The presentation is beautiful from the box to the flowers. They actually smell like roses too. The price for this is wonderful and is a great gift. There was a little damage to a flower on the side when I (carefully) took the top off but that is sort of to be expected.


These look and feel like real roses. This is the real deal. The pedals are soft to the touch. If you smell them at close proximity, you can smell that they are real roses. The color is brilliant and so beautiful. The box it came in is strong, durable, and nice looking. I definitely feel that these will last me a very long time.

Roberto Guerrero
Great gift idea

This is a really nice gift idea for someone special. It is well made and smells vibrant the moment you open the box. This will get you out the dog house or just put a smile on her face.Highly recommend.