About us

VLove® is a luxury brand from Los Angeles, California, dedicated to bringing the beauty and elegance of eternal blooms to the world. We specialize in providing the finest preserved roses, that are guaranteed to impress.
Our journey begins in the most verdant and sun-drenched rose fields where each rose is delicately cultivated until it reaches the peak of its beauty. Farmers handpick only the most robust and vibrant blooms, ensuring that each rose is of the highest quality. Each bloom is preserved through our proprietary solution to maintain its freshness and vibrant color for up to three years.
We believe that roses are a symbol of love and devotion, and that they should be a part of everyday life. Our forever roses are a constant reminder of your most precious moments and the person you share them with. All flower arrangements come packaged in a variety of boxes, making them a luxurious and sophisticated gift.
We take pride in our craftsmanship and are dedicated to providing the best gifting experience possible. From the quality of our roses to the elegance of our packaging, every detail is carefully considered to ensure that your gift is truly unforgettable. Let our preserved roses be a constant reminder of your love, long after Valentine's Day has passed.