What is the magic behind preserved roses?

Preserved roses from VLove are 100% real roses, skillfully treated to retain their allure and vibrancy for over one year. These roses defy time, bringing the lasting beauty of nature into your home.

What is the size of the roses?

Each of our preserved roses measures between 2.0 to 2.5 inches in diameter, an ideal size to grace any setting or occasion.

How are the roses scented?

Our preserved roses are subtly infused with a rose fragrance to ensure they continue to delight your senses even after the natural scent fades post-preservation. This added layer of allure enhances your space, creating a harmonious blend of beauty and elegance. Please note, the added fragrance may gradually fade over a few months.

How do I care for my eternal roses?

Caring for VLove Roses is a breeze! For longevity and to maintain their pristine appearance, follow our recommended Product Care guidelines.

Can I remove the roses from their box?

To keep your roses looking their best, we advise against removing them from their box. Also, handle the box lid with care to prevent any damage to the petals.

 Do the roses come with a gift box and ribbon?

Yes, each box of roses comes elegantly packaged with a satin ribbon and a gift envelope for your personalized note, making VLove Roses the perfect gift for special occasions.

Are the roses handcrafted?

Indeed, each preserved rose is delicately cultivated and meticulously handcrafted by our master florist. This guarantees a product of supreme quality and detailed artistry.

Do the preserved roses require water or sunlight?

No, our roses are low-maintenance beauties, requiring no water or sunlight. They're an effortless addition of elegance to any space.

Are the roses suitable for special occasions?

Absolutely! Our roses, already packaged as a luxurious gift, are the perfect choice for any special event, adding a timeless touch of elegance.

Can I personalize the gift?

Certainly! Each box comes with a gift envelope, ready for you to add your personal touch with a handwritten note. This allows you to create a heartfelt message that adds a special and unique touch to the gift. Please note that we are currently unable to personalize the card on behalf of customers.

Are the preserved roses made from fresh cut flowers?

Yes, we use only fresh cut roses, ensuring each preserved rose is of supreme quality and handcrafted with care.

Are these preserved flowers edible?

Preserved roses are not edible. They are for decorative purposes only. Please keep out of reach of children. 

Should I put the lid back on my roses box when I'm traveling or away from home?

While not a requirement, we recommend placing the lid back on for added protection during storage or transportation, safeguarding your roses from dust and accidental damage.

What is the return policy?

We stand by the quality of VLoveRoses, offering a 30-day free return policy, assuring you of a purchase that meets the highest standards.

Do you offer next day delivery?

Indeed, we offer prime next day delivery for all our orders. We're committed to delivering only the freshest and highest quality preserved roses in a timely manner.